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A school without a building of its own

07 November, 2013

The village of Kanti is located in the mountainous area of the Tsalenjikha municipality. One ofthe major challenges that the village is facing, alongside numerous other problems, is the dire condition of its primary school. The school in Kanti has b

Georgia’s program budget should be voted into law

07 November, 2013

Program budgeting is a results-orientated budgeting system, which, contrary to conventional budgeting, gives detailed costs of every activity and program rather than just the agency spending the money. This links the resources to be spent with the re

Who keeps spamming us with SMS advertising?

06 November, 2013

A number of companies continue sending unsolicited SMS advertising to mobile phones,  violating the Georgian law on personal data protection. To convince these companies that they should respect not only the law but also peoples’ privacy, we sta