Live Blog: 2013 Presidential Elections - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Live Blog: 2013 Presidential Elections

27 October, 2013

Through this live blog, Transparency International Georgia will cover all things relevant around the 2013 presidential elections. You can also follow us on twitter (@TIGeorgiaEng), #GVote. We have more than 350 volunteer observers in the field across the country. 

16.00 – We have published the final assessment of our election-day observation effort in English and hereby conclude this life blog. Thanks for following it!

Monday, 01.45 – Results from precincts are coming in, no major incidences.

21.39 – We have posted the English press release with our main observations in the last four hours before polling stations closed (16:00 to 20:00). The electoral process was generally held in a calm environment during the day, and the number of violations we observed decreased considerably towards the end of the day. By the end of voting, Transparency International Georgia had observed more than 70 important procedural violations, and our observers filed 34 complaints.

20.33 – Several observations from before polling stations closed:

  • Samgori 6, station 54: a voter was able to vote twice despited already being inked. Commission first refused to accept a complaint, arguing that several observers were not able to file complaints on the same issue, but then accepted the compalaint after consulting with the District Commission. 
  • Batumi 79, station 72: up to 60 people showed up to vote but could not as they were not registered in the station. 
  • Kutaisi 59, station 35: Over the day, some 15 voters showed up at the station who already had ink on their fingers. Despite the fact that they apparently had already voted, the commission allowed them to vote again. 
  • Kutaisi 59, station 112: A number of citizens that had already been inked showed up in the polling station to vote again, causing a disturbance. The district commission asked the precinct commission to let these individuals vote once again. TI Georgia filed a complaint. 
  • Kutaisi 59, station 8: A citizen who had already been inked wanted to vote again, arguing that he had accidentally marked himself with a colored pen. After TI Georgia filed a complaint, he was finally denied to vote again. 

20.00 – Rustavi 2 exit poll by the German pollster GfK: Margvelashivli 67%, Bakradze 20%, Burjanadze 8%, Natelashivli 2%, Targamadze 1%, Davitashivli 1%.

17.10 – Our press release from 16:00 is now available in English. In the afternoon, we observerd several additional violations, including:

  • At station 26 in Krtsanisi, a representative of the observation organization Choice of the Future was campaigning for the United National Movement inside the polling station. A representative of another observation organization, Georgian Barristers and Lawyers International Observatory, asked the activist to “settle it outside”, where the Choice of the Future representative was attacked and beaten by several people.

  • In Telavi’s 35th precinct, voters’ IDs were transported together with mobile ballot box Nr. 5. How the commission members got ahold of the ID cards remains unclear.

  • Around 80 people were unable to vote in Batumi electoral district’s 51st precinct – they could not find their names on the list with regis.

  • In Vake’s 80th special precinct, a prison, the ballot box was not properly sealed and stationary observers filed complaints. As a result, our mobile group went there. District commission members also arrived and temporarily stopped the voting process. The box was then  properly sealed and the election process continued. A remark was made by both the DEC members and chairman of the precinct commission. 100 people had voted before the incident and there still were 55 voters left in the list. In addition, according to the DEC members, the validity of the precinct will be discussed based on the summary report and the appropriate documentation.

  • Internally displaced persons (IDPs) were able to vote without presenting proper documentation in the 112th and 120th precincts in Kutaisi.

14.12 – TI Georgia's press release on election-day observations from 7am till midday, now available in English. 

12.02 – Chiatura 56, station 11, registrators were not following marking procedure, several voters were let in without marking. Resolved after complaint was filed.

11.36 – For a useful English langauge guidance on election day procudure, see this document from the Central Election Commission:

11.34 – Terchoja 49, station 11, a Commission member voted outside the cabin, circled the number on the ballot and droped it in the box, which is agitation and not allowed.

11.32 – Gldani 10, station 70, our observer reports that several people tried to vote presenting expired ID cards. They were not allowed to, which is in line with the law. 

11.30 – Kutaisi 59, station 32, a voter was allowed to vote after presenting only a copy of his ID card. 

11.29 – Tchiatura 56, station 32, several voters were not checked for ink.

10.40 – Will be interesting to see the voter turnout today. Turnout from past elections: 2012 parliamentary elections: 59.7%2010 local elections: 47.9 %; 2008 presidential elections: 53.2%. The easiest way to get your data on past elections:

10.21 – Saburtalo 2, station 9: a voter went to the polling station and received the ink marking. Then it turned out that he was not registered at this station. Our mobile observer group highlighted this problem and informed the district commission. The commission resolved the problem, the person is not  marked with in but turned out that the voter was not registered in that station. Our mobile group has informed the district commission of this problem. The commission resolved the problem and informed the polling station where the voter is registered, so he can vote there and is not losing his right to cast his ballot. 

10.17 – Marneuli 22, station 59, the crowd controller did not have a UV flashlight and a number of people voted without being checked for ink.

10.13 – Chkhorostku 69, station 21, the final summary protocol document was already signed by the precinct election commission and hidden from observers (they nontheless saw it and filed a complaint – added at 11.41)

09.00 – Marneuli 22, station 49, the PEC chairman cut himself when marking one of the two seals that is used to stamp ballots to prevent fraud. Then, he did not mark the second, so only one of the two stamps was marked. 

08.46 - Batumi 79, station 8, 80 citizens unable to vote as they are not listed on the CEC's voter list. Currently unresolved.

08.08 - Saburtalo 3, station 49, three Georgian Dream reps in station simultaneously, TI's observer informed the head of the PEC and they were asked to leave. Resolved.

08:00 – Polling stations across the country are now open. 

07.58 - Saburtalo 3, station 78, TI Georgia observer inititally not allowed into polling station to observe, TI's mobile team contacted the election district and problem was later resolved.

07.36 - Kobuleti 81, station 38, in violation of the election code only one person selected by lottery to take the ballot box. Currently unresolved.

Our pre-election reports: 


Author: Transparency International Georgia