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03 February, 2010

Parliamentary Elections - Statement of Domestic Non-Governmental Organizations

In order to strengthen public trust in the assessment and results of elections, it is crucial that the electoral process take place in a fair and calm environment. The responsibility for this process falls on not only the authorities. Rather, it should be shared among the authorities, the opposition forces, every subject engaged in the process, and society.

12 January, 2010

State Employment Programmes: Politics Aside?

State-financed employment programmes have become a new tradition since 2006. While the true scale of the unemployment problem in Georgia is misrepresented by the official statistics, the actual magnitude of unemployment is acknowledged by the heavy focus on the issue, especially at politically sensitive times. Elections have proven an especially effective moment to capture the momentum.

12 January, 2010

Political Parties in Georgia: Issues of Party Financing

Political parties are necessary for the functioning of a modern democracy. The strength and degree of institutionalisation of a party system is often invoked as a reliable measure of the strength of democracy itself in a given country. Evaluation of a party system is especially useful in analyses of countries with relatively short and/or mixed track records of democratic functioning.