Georgian Anti-Corruption Council and Georgia’s international anti-corruption obligations

Goal: Strengthen anti-corruption and integrity rules, mechanisms and policies in law and practice and ensure that reforms in these fields remain on the government’s agenda.

TI Georgia will: 

●    Produce an assessment report of the Georgian Anti-Corruption Council’s capacity.

●    Produce at least three publications through an independent verification of the actual progress of the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan that will reveal the real progress made by the government.

●    Produce periodically visualization charts and diagrams, which reflect visually how over a certain period of time specific actions were undertaken and what is the overall progress in the implementation of the Action Plan.

● Conduct an independent parallel review of the implementation of UNCAC, in this sense the organization will produce a report that will address the actual progress of the implementation of the Convention and make observations and recommendations.

●    Write a report on the government’s actions, which will complement the report on the implementation of UNCAC. Any country review under UNCAC is backed up by follow-up procedures and as a continuation of the initial independent parallel review TI Georgia will engage in following and reviewing the follow-up measures undertaken by the government. It is very important that TI Georgia keeps a close eye on the follow-up measures, only that way a full picture on the government’s actions and commitment to ensure proper implementation of the Convention could be obtained.

●    Produce a parallel independent report on the government’s actual progress in adopting GRECO’s recommendations.