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18 January, 2023

Media Advocacy Coalition considers the Verdict of Tbilisi Court of Appeal in the July 5 case alarming

Media Advocacy Coalition responds to the verdict [1] ruled by the Tbilisi Court of Appeal on January 16, 2023, according to which those convicted of committing organized group violence on media representatives on July 5, 2021, were acquitted, and the sentence imposed by the Court of First Instance was reduced. The verdict represents another step taken against journalists, freedom of expression, and democratic processes.

09 December, 2022

Statement regarding the International Anti-Corruption Day

December 9 is the International Anti-Corruption Day. Last year, Transparency International Georgia wrote that if left unchecked, corruption was expected to rise, which would cause more and more damage to the country, including creating more obstacles for its democratic development.

07 December, 2022

Court Judgments on Defamation against Media having signs of Kleptocracy

The judgment of the Tbilisi City Court that partially granted the claim of the Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze, against  TV Pirveli and the journalist Maia Mamulashvili constitutes a transition of the recent dangerous tendency of pressure on the media to a new stage, when representatives of the authorities use the court to oppress critical media. 

02 November, 2022

The Appellate Court Upheld Nika Gvaramia’s Imprisonment on a Politically Motivated Case

Today, on November 2, the judges of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals, Merab Jorbenadze, Lavrenti Maghlakelidze and David Mamiseishvili found Nika Gvaramia, the former director of "Rustavi 2" and the founder of "TV Mtavari", guilty of abuse of power (two episodes - the so-called commercial airtime sale and the so-called vehicle episode). As a final sanction, he was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment.

27 October, 2022

Gogashvili’s allegations of the collaboration between the Georgian and Russian intelligence services need to be investigated

Referring to the investigation aired in Nodar Meladze's Saturday program on TV Pirveli on September 10, where the detained former high-ranking State Security Service (SSG) official Ioseb Gogashvili accused the government and Head of the SSG at the time, current Minister of Internal Affairs - Vakhtang Gomelauri, of collaboration with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).