Conflict of Interest - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Conflict of Interest

15 March, 2023

Transparency International Georgia 

Conflict of Interests 

1. Extension Area 

1.1. Abovementioned provision applies to employees of the “Transparency International Georgia”

2. General Part 

2.1. Any person (including employees), who is anyhow connected to the work of “Transparency International –Georgia”, shall  publicly declare if the cases of “conflict of Interests” occurred during the collaboration process.

2.2. Conflict of Interests might occur during the work and decision-making process regarding “Transparency International  Georgia”. It implies interest in financial and other type of profit, which might influence objective decision-making process, or other processes connected to the organization.

3. Reimbursed Employment Contracts and Consultations

3.1. In the cases of the collaboration with other organizations, employee of the organization is authorized to make contract  (engage in the working process of the other origination) with them only if it is agreed with direct supervisor/supervisors before  handed.

3.2. Employees of the “Transparency International – Georgia”, while collaboration process with other organizations and companies (it has to be agreed before handed with “Transparency International Georgia”) shall not use any information, which is property of the organization, without consent of the “Transparency International Georgia”.


4.1. Persons connected with the work of “Transparency International Georgia”, have to refuse gifts or any other offers, which  might affect objectivity of this person and moreover, damage reputation of the whole organization.

5. Respond to the breach of conflict of interests 

5.1. Person who owns the Information about possible conflict of interest, or who is facing conflict of interest, have to  immediately give above-mentioned information to the Executive Director of “Transparency International Georgia.”

5.2. After deliberating given information Executive director will accordingly make a decision. Executive director is authorized to:  (a) not to confirm the fact of conflict of interest and make no further discussions

(b) Confirm that conflict of interest exists in the given case and indicate specific person, who has to stop working process or refuse  offer, which led to the conflict of interest, or (c) Avoid specific person regarding the given case or restrict her/his engagement to  the working process of the organization.

6. Provision Area 

6.1. Above-mentioned provision indicates standards regarding conflict of interests, transparency and objectivity aspects of the  organization is further discussed in the chapter and code of conduct.