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Facebook's Statement Requires a Response

26 December, 2019

 On December 20, Facebook released a statement saying that the company had removed hundreds of fake pages, groups, and accounts from their social network. These pages, groups and accounts demonstrated coordinated inauthentic behavior and have be

Fighting Disinformation in Georgia

23 December, 2019

 The spread of disinformation remains to be one of the most pressing problems facing Georgia. The Russian Federation, which has occupied 20% of Georgia’s territory, carries out hybrid warfare against the country. It is no surprise that one

The Acting Chief Justice is Violating the Law

10 December, 2019

 According to the Constitution, the Supreme Court appoints three out of the nine members of the Constitutional Court.[1] It was through this procedure, that Constitutional Court Justice Maia Kopaleishvili, whose term ended on December 5, was app

Who Owns Georgia

09 December, 2019

 A book titled “Who Owned Georgia” was first published in 2012. It was devoted to the key players of the several important sectors of the Georgian economy and to their links with the ruling party. The main theme of the book was the o