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Statement on Nika Melia's Arrest

23 February, 2021

 The Georgian Government sent police forces into the office of the United National Movement [UNM] at 7:30 today, 23 February. This special measure aimed to enforce the politically motivated court ruling of 17 February and arrest UNM leader Nika

Joint Statement on the Trial of Nika Melia

17 February, 2021

 Today, Tbilisi City Court will deliberate on using detention as a measure of pre-trial restriction against National Movement leader Nika Melia. Against the background of a serious political crisis prevailing in the country, given that the perso

Statement on Nika Melia’s Case

16 February, 2021

 We would like to comment on the ongoing criminal case against Nika Melia and the recent events. Today, on February 16th, the Parliament is discussing stripping Melia of parliamentary immunity, which will make it possible to use detention as a p