Georgia’s State Energy Policy in the Natural Gas Sector - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Georgia’s State Energy Policy in the Natural Gas Sector

11 January, 2010

According to the Parliament’s Resolution adopted in June 2006, the following are the priorities of the Georgian state policy in the gas and energy sector: (a) rehabilitation of gas units, (b) release of such units from debts and their privatization, (c) diversification of gas supply, and (d) formation of a transparent and liberal energy market. By February 2008, Georgia’s entire natural gas sector, with the exception of the main pipeline system and gas generation units of Gardabani (except for those which belong to Inter-Rao), had been privatized. Currently, Georgia receives natural gas from three suppliers. A long-term contract is concluded with only one of them – the south Caucasian pipeline consortium. Apparently the Georgian government has only a verbal agreement on gas delivery with the Russian and Azerbaijani suppliers. Negotiations with the two suppliers are being conducted secretly, making it difficult for the public to determine the terms of those negotiations.