Changes to the Rule of Labor Remuneration in Public Institutions

12 December, 2017

On 29 September of the current year, the government submitted a draft law on “Remuneration in Public Institutions” to the Parliament of Georgia. The author of the draft law is the Civil Service Bureau. Initiation of the draft law should have taken place by 1 September 2016, as per the obligation under the Law of Georgia on Public Service. For the given moment, the draft law has been adopted by the first hearing.

In case of being adopted, the law will be unprecedented for the Georgian legislative system - this is the first attempt to define a uniform system of remuneration for all public institutions of the country. The main purpose of the draft law is to deal with and regulate fragmented and often vague principles of labor remuneration, to eliminate the practice of unlimited and uncontrolled distribution of bonuses and supplements to officials.

The purpose of the law is undoubtedly well justified. In the present report, we will describe the main changes proposed by the draft law. We will also present remarks and opinions on the factors that may prevent the law from achieving set goals.