The Coalition calls on the parties not to interfere with conducting the conference of judges in a calm environment - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

The Coalition calls on the parties not to interfere with conducting the conference of judges in a calm environment

15 June, 2013

The President of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Mr. Konstantine Kublashvili, has publicly stated that a concrete judge and a prosecutor met and talked about issues related to the planned conference of judges. In the view of the President of the Supreme Court, the said act constitutes interference with the activity of judges on the part of representatives of the executive branch of government. The Minister of Justice, Ms. Thea Tsulukiani, has also released a statement, saying that the President of the Supreme Court holds similar covert meetings with judges in the regions. The same information was also disseminated by a group of judges.    

The conference of judges, which is set to be held on June 9, is very important for the independence of the judiciary and for strengthening the self-government of judges. For the first time in Georgia’s judicial history, judges are given a real opportunity to staff the governing bodies of the judicial system independently and in accordance with their views.  

Considering the significance of the upcoming conference of judges, it is necessary that the pre-election period proceed in as calm an environment as possible. All judges in the system of common courts should have a real opportunity to make their choice and/or to conduct the pre-election campaign freely and without any restrictions. It is impermissible to restrict the rights of any groups or to discriminate against them. It is extremely important that all the branches of the government comply with the principle of separation of powers and that the highest-ranking officials of the judiciary ensure the creation of a competitive environment for judges.

We call on all respective bodies and individuals both inside and outside the judicial system to refrain from engaging in inappropriate communication with judges with regard to issues relating to the elections planned at the conference of judges, which may pose a threat to the free expression of judges’ will at the conference. It is also important to study cases of such communication with judges and, if such cases are confirmed, to take measures provided for by law. The Coalition declares that unlawful interference in the processes underway within the judiciary is absolutely unacceptable. All such actions will be perceived as an attempt to put pressure on the judiciary.

We call upon high-ranking officials of both the executive and judicial branches of government not to interfere in the ongoing processes and not to create unjustified risks that will hinder judges from making their choice. We also call on politicians to refrain from actions that will have a negative effect on the free expression of judges’ will.