A former member of the Senaki City Council has given away a company and still continues to win tenders - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

A former member of the Senaki City Council has given away a company and still continues to win tenders

06 April, 2022

Dagi LLC, a company of Dato Adamia, a former member of the Senaki City Council from the Georgian Dream, currently participates in public procurements with changed registration data. Since June 2021, Dagi has had a new name – Menati – and during this period it has obtained contracts with a total value of GEL 1,389,507 through the procurements of the Senaki Municipality, including a contract worth GEL 416,614 that Menati obtained in March 2022, when it won a tender announced by the Senaki City Hall.

TI Georgia wrote in February 2021 about the procurements of Dato Adamia (including when he was a member of the City Council) and his company with a value of GEL 6,779,143. It was after the publication of this study, in June 2021, that Dato Adamia resigned from the director’s position in Dagi and transferred his 100% stake in the limited liability company free of charge to Aleksandre Akhaladze, who simultaneously became the director of the company.

In addition to the name, the legal address of the company was also changed – instead of the village of Eki, Senaki Municipality, it is now registered in the village of Persati, Baghdati Municipality. However, the entry “Other address” in the extract from the Public Registry indicates 71 Asatiani Street, Senaki.  

The circumstances mentioned above raise doubts that the changes of the registration data of Dagi LLC, the owner of the stake, and director have a formal character. Dato Adamia is presumably trying to hide his ties with the company as well as his involvement in procurements.

Since the changes were made in the registration data of the limited liability company, Menati has taken part in 13 tenders and won 6 of them; in all the 6 cases, the contracting authority was the Senaki City Hall, while the total value of the obtained contracts amounted to GEL 1,179,311. The company won in 3 tenders without competition. During the same period, the Senaki City Hall also awarded Menati LLC 2 simplified procurement contracts with a value of GEL 210,196.

Menati won 5 of the 6 tenders and obtained both simplified procurements at a time when Adamia was still a member of the City Council.

TI Georgia calls on the Anti-Corruption Agency of the State Security Service to study each of the procurements of Menati LLC and Dagi LLC (until June 2021) and to establish whether or not they contain possible signs of corruption.