Another failed attempt at reforming the election system - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Another failed attempt at reforming the election system

10 June, 2016


According to media reports, the hearing of the draft law on the modified version of the so-called German model of the election system was removed from the Parliament agenda. The project was withdrawn by its initiator - the Republican Party. According to the party member Levan Berdzenishvili, the project was withdrawn because it would not receive enough votes to pass.

We believe that this project is a real opportunity to improve the election system. During preliminary consultations parliamentary opposition parties agreed and expressed their readiness to support the German model. However, on June 1, the draft law was unable to receive enough votes at the first hearing by the Legal Affairs Committee. This was largely due to the fact that MPs representing the United National Movement had boycotted parliamentary activities and did not attend the committee session. Non-governmental organizations have already called on MPs to support the adoption of this project.

Instead of a full mobilization to support the election system reform by the political parties, the draft law has been withdrawn from consideration. Holding a hearing of the draft law at a parliamentary session would give all political parties the opportunity to publicly express their position regarding the proposed amendments. This would also make the discussion and decision-making processes and the arguments presented transparent and publicly available. In addition, the hearing at the parliamentary session would serve as an additional opportunity for the draft law to gather enough votes. Instead, its withdrawal from the agenda has indefinitely postponed the opportunity to change the system.

It is unfortunate that the political parties have exhibited inconsistency and irresponsibility towards reforming the election system. They have effectively missed the opportunity to significantly improve the environment in which the upcoming Parliamentary elections will be held.