Transparency International Georgia calls on Georgian Government to provide the evidence to correct the misconceptions of US Human Rights Report

13 April, 2011
Transparency International (TI) Georgia welcomes the release of US State Department’s human rights report. The main topics of the report, such as court independence and selective justice, the government's anti-corruption policy, rights of IDPs, media freedom, transparency of business ownership, and the accountability of state institutions to citizens, have been discussed by both nongovernmental and human rights protection organizations. Transparency International Georgia believes that these issues should be accorded special importance by the Government of Georgia. The Government of Georgia has stated that there are parts of the report with which they do not agree. We hope the government will define precisely which issues of the report they disagree with and provide evidence to correct the misconception. This will raise the level of accountability of the government towards its population. TI Georgia welcomes the call of the ambassador of the United States of America concerning the higher level of participation of the civil society representatives in the process of planning state policy and reforms. We hope that the statement of the ambassador will not be left without due attention.