Legislative proposal of Transparency International Georgia on strengthening the asset declaration regulations - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Legislative proposal of Transparency International Georgia on strengthening the asset declaration regulations

26 June, 2023

Transparency International Georgia has submitted a legislative proposal to the Parliament of Georgia for amending the Law "On Fight against Corruption." The proposal focuses on reinforcing a crucial anti-corruption mechanism - the asset declaration system. The proposed amendments encompass the improvement of declaration monitoring procedures, enhancement of declaration scope and content, and an expansion of the law's coverage to include a broader range of public officials.

The monitoring system for declarations in Georgia failed to develop into an effective tool for combating corruption and addressing conflicts of interest. According to the data from 2021 and 2022, at least every other declaration in Georgia is submitted with violations. Several positions that have an elevated risk of conflict of interest, potential corruption, and abuse of power are omitted from the list of declarants.

The legislative proposal envisages the following key changes:

  • The list of public officials with the obligation to submit declarations will be expanded. This includes anti-corruption investigators, advisors to state-political and political officials, chairpersons of district election commissions, the head and deputy head of state-owned enterprises where the state owns 50% or more shares, and others.
  • The scope and content of the declaration will be increased - public officials will be obliged to include information about the property and income of their adult children, as well as disclose details regarding cryptocurrency holdings and ultimate (beneficial) ownership.
  • The regulations governing declaration monitoring will undergo improvements as well, leading to an increased level of transparency. This will involve making declarations of officials from the Anti-corruption Agency (Department) of the State Security Service of Georgia publicly accessible. Additionally, the monitoring of declarations can be triggered by anonymous complaints or based on information disclosed in mass media sources. Furthermore, investigative journalists will have the opportunity to participate in the Independent Commission responsible for selecting declarations for monitoring.

By adopting and implementing in practice the proposed changes outlined in the legislative proposal, the quality of transparency and accountability among public officials will be enhanced.