TI Georgia welcomes Ministry of Finance move towards greater aid transparency - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

TI Georgia welcomes Ministry of Finance move towards greater aid transparency

16 February, 2010
Tbilisi, 22 December 2008 – Transparency International Georgia today welcomed the Ministry of Finance’s decision to post breakdowns of international aid to Georgia on its website. The positive evaluation by the Tbilisi-based organization comes in the wake of the international donor conference in Brussels on 22 October 2008, at which 38 countries and 15 international organizations pledged to provide approximately 4.5 billion dollars in aid to Georgia over the next three years. TI Georgia had criticized the negotiations surrounding the joint European Commission / World Bank conference as lacking in transparency, accountability and broad-based consultation. “This is an important step towards greater transparency in international aid to Georgia,” commented Ms Tamuna Karosanidze, Executive Director of TI Georgia. “It is encouraging to see that the Ministry of Finance is taking the lead in increasing the transparency and accountability of aid to Georgia.” A TI Georgia report on access to information to aid released earlier this month had called on the Ministry of Finance to take the lead in making aid information accessible to Georgian citizens. “The Ministry of Finance’s reaction to our report shows that constructive civic engagement with aid issues can help to improve aid transparency and oversight,” said Ms Karosanidze. “In the coming year, TI Georgia will continue working with donors, governmental bodies and NGOs to strengthen the transparency and accountability of international aid to Georgia.”