Transparency International Georgia’s statement on the current election process (12:00 - 16:00) - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Transparency International Georgia’s statement on the current election process (12:00 - 16:00)

27 October, 2013

By 16:00 today, Transparency International Georgia has observed a total of around 50 violations, 29 complaints have been filed by our observers.

The following issues have been observed during this time period:

Voting without required documentation

  • Internally displaced persons (IDPs) were able to vote without presenting proper documentation in the 112th and 120th precincts in Kutaisi.

Voting while violating the marking process

  • Two representatives of the Martvili electoral district commission refused to be tested for ink with an ultra violet flashlight and to follow the precinct commission chairman’s instructions at precinct Nr 2. They voted without being inked and were rude to the registrars and members of the commission.

  • A voter was allowed to vote using only a copy of his ID in the Kutaisi’s 120th precinct.

Confrontation in the precinct

  • At station 26 in Krtsanisi, a representative of the observation organization Choice of the Future was campaigning for the United National Movement inside the polling station. A representative of another observation organization, Georgian Barristers and Lawyers International Observatory, asked the activist to “settle it outside”, where the Choice of the Future representative was attacked and beaten by several people.

Violations concerning moving the ballot box

  • In Telavi’s 35th precinct, voters’ IDs were transported together with mobile ballot box Nr. 5. How the commission members got ahold of the ID cards remains unclear.

Precinct temporarily closed

  • People were unable to vote in the 33rd precinct in Mtskheta in the morning for around half an hour after the precinct was closed. The apparent reason for the closure was that the commission members were discussing issues related to a mobile ballot box, which they had failed to address before the precinct was opened.

Lists with gaps

  • Around 80 people were unable to vote in Batumi electoral district’s 51st precinct – they could not find their names on the list with regis.

Problem in the special precinct

  • In Vake’s 80th special precinct, a prison, the ballot box was not properly sealed and stationary observers filed complaints. As a result, our mobile group went there. District commission members also arrived and temporarily stopped the voting process. The box was then  properly sealed and the election process continued. A remark was made by both the DEC members and chairman of the precinct commission. 100 people had voted before the incident and there still were 55 voters left in the list. In addition, according to the DEC members, the validity of the precinct will be discussed based on the summary report and the appropriate documentation.

    TI Georgia will present its evaluation of the election process once more during the day: press conferences will be live-streamed at 20:00. Also, the overall assessment of the election day will be presented on Monday, October 28, at 12:30.