Aid to Georgia: Empowering Georgians via the World Wide Web - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Aid to Georgia: Empowering Georgians via the World Wide Web

16 February, 2010
38 countries and 15 international institutions pledged approximately USD 4.55 billion in aid to Georgia following the August war in 2008 – roughly USD 1,000 for every inhabitant of Georgia. 95 percent of the aid was pledged by only 12 donors. TI Georgia seeks to ensure that this aid is provided transparently and that the donors themselves are accountable so that the intended beneficiaries, the Georgian people, do indeed benefit from it. There are not many Internet users in Georgia, however donors which provide Georgia-specific information via the World Wide Web are providing local NGOs, journalists and even government officials a valuable tool, allowing them to disseminate and explain how donor assistance intends to improve the lives of beneficiaries. This report examines the websites of the largest 13 donors contributing aid to Georgia at the 2008 Brussels Donor Conference, including the United States, EBRD, European Community, World Bank, IFC, EIB, ADB, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Ukraine and Switzerland.