We call on media organizations to provide us with materials on the use of illegal election schemes - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

We call on media organizations to provide us with materials on the use of illegal election schemes

10 November, 2021

In recent weeks, a number of TV stations have reported on documents allegedly leaked by whistleblowers from the State Security Service and / or the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party. Journalistic investigations show that since the 2018 presidential election, the ruling party has been trying to increase the ranks of its supporters through illegal and large-scale use of administrative resources and to punish political opponents.

The reports describe the alleged facts of termination or continuation of employment of public school principals on political grounds, as well as the abolition of probation for certain persons, tax cuts and other benefits in exchange for votes. Based on the published documents, the reports contain credible facts, including the information on specific individuals and the circumstances of their bribery and pressure on them, which are confirmed by these people themselves.

We believe that the cases described and substantiated in journalistic investigations are extremely alarming, as they expose a comprehensive system of political and electoral corruption in which a number of state agencies are involved with the ruling party.

We call on the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia to immediately launch an investigation into the alleged cases given in the reports. We also ask all media outlets that have documents containing the facts described above to provide these materials so that they can be fully analyzed.

Transparency International Georgia

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy


List of reports:
TV Pirveli





Formula TV




Mtavari Channel