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On resignation of the CEC Chairperson

30 June, 2021

 Today, it became known to the public that Tamar Zhvania resigned from the position of the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia on the basis of her own request. We believe that this decision can significantly contribut

Limits of Freedom of Expression of Judges

30 June, 2021

 Judges have the right to express their opinions in public, however, they must comply with established ethical norms in order to protect the authority of the court. These ethical standards use certain frameworks and all judges are obliged to obs

A New Perspective on Judicial Reform

21 June, 2021

 The legislative changes of 2013-2021 can be characterized as an illusory and incomplete attempt at an institutional modernization of the judiciary, which ultimately created an imitation of a positive transformation instead of a real and systemi

Parliamentary Control — Assessment of 2019-2020

16 June, 2021

 Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) has prepared the report on the implementation of parliamentary control within the framework of the project, Parliamentary Control Assessment in Georgia, with the assistance from the Good Governanc