Annual TV Advertising Market Report - 2022 - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Annual TV Advertising Market Report - 2022

02 October, 2023

“Transparency International Georgia” publishes a traditional report on TV advertising market review. Last year Financial viability came under an additional threat due to limited time frames, the media met the deteriorated legislation unprepared and pressure on the media mounted. The Georgian media is finding it difficult to evolve as a successful/profitable business, the reason for which may be the increased self censorship in the business environment.

According to TV advertising market research:

  • The already scarce  advertising revenues of broadcasters decreased by 10 million GEL in 2022 and amounted to 73.6 million GEL.
  • The decrease in advertising revenues was largely caused by the "chilling effect" of the law. After the entry into force changes in the Law on Broadcasting, In 2022, the advertising revenue received by broadcasters from gambling decreased almost four times.
  • Pro-governmental televisions received twice as much advertising revenue as compared to critical media.
  • Last year, the biggest part of the advertising revenues – GEL 27,329,246 – was
  • traditionally received by Imedi Holding. It is followed by Mtavari Arkhi with million GEL 10; Media Holding (Rustavi 2) with million GEL 9; TV Pirveli with million Gel 5.8 and Formula with million GEL 5.7.
  • Compared to the previous year, the advertising revenue of Pro-Governmental POSTV TV station increased (by GEL 0.1. million – to GEL 4.8 million).
  • 52.8% of the revenues of anti-Western agenda Obiektivi TV (GEL 438,442.27) came from commercial advertising.
  •  In 2022 political parties spent a total of GEL 1.1 million on advertising, the ruling Georgian Dream party spending the biggest amount – GEL 688,325.
  • The expenses on paid social advertisements amounted to GEL 362,878. A large part of this amount, GEL 269.9K, was directed to pro-government broadcasters (POSTV, Media Holding/Rustavi 2).
  •  In a situation of a hybrid information warfare and a polarized environment, this makes the media even mere vulnerable. This challenge becomes particularly relevant in the pre-election period, when the share of political advertisements increases in TV stations.


Transparency International Georgia observes the advertising market on an annual basis.

The present report highlights the trends on the advertising market in 2022.