Assessment of Performance of Adjara TV and Radio of Public Broadcaster - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Assessment of Performance of Adjara TV and Radio of Public Broadcaster

14 December, 2017

The objective of the following report is to assess the processes and problems at Adjara TV and Radio of the Public Broadcaster under the new management.

Natia Kapanadze, who was elected as the director of Adjara TV and Radio of the Public Broadcaster last December, launched certain reform initiatives. Namely, multiple documents regarding the development of the organization have been drafted; old programs have been renewed and new programs have been aired; and the hiring has become more transparent. The organization is open to citizens and interested parties. However, Adjara TV and Radio face multiple challenges.

The research found the following problems at Adjara TV and Radio:

  • Developing an organizational structure of Adjara TV and Radio remains a challenge. The process of approving a new structure, strategic document and five-year plan on technical development has been delayed.
  • Developing job descriptions for the employees, reviewing the relevant contracts and creating a fair remuneration system could not be achieved until a new structure is adopted.
  • New programs – investigations by studio Reki, “Context”, “Reflections” – have been aired. However, the viewership of the channel remains low.
  • The lack of motivation of the staff of the organization remains a challenge. Registration of staff members arriving at work remains a problem.
  • In procurements, there are cases where the category of the procurement and the purchased service are incompatible; there are cases where the contracts with the winning provider are amended without a reasonable justification; and the requirements do not include a showing of experience of bidders;
  • The building of Adjara TV and Radio is unsuitable for work and unsafe. The fact that the building is classified as a cultural monument causes the problem too – limiting the scope of repair works. In addition, the property purchased by the Broadcaster before 2014 is owned by the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Therefore, the Broadcaster is unable to dispose of the property.
  • The Board of Advisors formulated the priorities very broadly and performance indicators are not clearly provided either.
  • The High Council of Adjara has been violating the law by failing to elect the fifth member of the Board of Advisors.