Special purpose unit rigs election results in Khashuri - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Special purpose unit rigs election results in Khashuri

09 October, 2012

Special purpose unit rigs election results in Khashuri

According to information at our disposal, special purpose security units have entered several polling stations of the District of Khashuri and modified voting results in the summary protocols. According to our observer, who was stationed at polling station no .46, the summary protocol made it clear that Georgian Dream had received the most votes. Later, armed men appeared at the polling station and expelled all the observers from the building. A new summary protocol was then compiled, according to which the United National Movement had won the most votes. It was this protocol that was then submitted to the District Election Commission. According to another observer, a special purpose security unit also entered polling station no. 19, where its members subjected observers to physical abuse and expelled them from the polling station.

We have also been informed about similar incidents by the OSCE Observation Mission. They have told us that special purpose security units also entered polling stations no. 5 and 45. There are also accounts that the same is happening in other polling stations around Khashuri.

We call on the relevant bodies to respond immediately to these violations and take corresponding measures. Otherwise, the results of the entire electoral district must come under question.