Changes on Georgian Public Broadcaster - More Editorial Independence and Management Challenges

03 October, 2016

October 3, Tbilisi – Transparency International Georgia presents interim monitoring report of Georgian Public Broadcaster, which focuses on the working condition at GPB.  

Georgian Public Broadcaster adopted new organizational structure and plans staff certification. The report highlights challenges that accompany the ongoing reorganization process at the Broadcaster.

Regardless persistent challenges GPB journalists enjoy higher degree of editorial independence. Prior 2012 there were cases of outside influence on the reporting of the Broadcaster, which does not happen now.

Effective communication between management and staff remains a problem. Staff is not duly informed about ongoing processes including the reorganization.

For many years there was no human resources management policy at GPB. Important documentation such as job descriptions were presented to the Board of Trustees several weeks ago for consideration and adoption. Staff members think that the working environment is not fair and one needs to rely on personal contacts to succeed.

The Public Broadcaster faces major challenge related to its infrastructure. GPB building, cars and inventory do not comply with general security standards.

The research is based on around 50 face-to-face interviews with GPB staff members and analysis of public documentation.

The report is prepared within TI Georgia Media Strengthening and Monitoring project. The project is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID.)