Who initiated the Russian Foreign Agents’ Laws - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Who initiated the Russian Foreign Agents’ Laws

10 March, 2023

The foreign agent’s draft laws were initiated by 9 Members of the parliamentary Majority who call themselves ‘People’s Power’. The group appeared in August 2022 and to this day is registered neither as a separate political party nor a separate faction in the Parliament. Both the founders of the movement as well as the Georgian Dream leadership have stated that there is no significant difference between them on core values, with the difference being in how vocal they should be about certain issues. It appears that the Georgian Dream has set up People’s Power to voice anti-western messages more overtly and mobilize eurosceptic votes for the 2024 parliamentary elections.


1. Dimitri Khundadze - MP since 2012

Prior to his tenure as a Member of Parliament, Khundadze practiced as a surgeon. In 2016, he stated that he had been a family doctor for the Ivanishvili family since 2006. Khundadze has been accused of corruption by investigative journalists on multiple occasions. The allegations include nepotism and acquiring lucrative real estate. Khundadze also failed to fully declare his real estate in his asset declaration. He is one of the leading MPs who blocked a draft law in November 2019 that would have allowed Georgia to transition to a fully proportional electoral system, despite having been among its initiators. The move was presented as a genuine disagreement in the ruling party but was in fact a staged performance to subvert the promised reform that the Georgian Dream had to commit to following large scale protests in the summer of 2019.

2. Viktor Japaridze - MP since 2004

Viktor Japaridze has been a Georgian Dream deputy in the Parliament since 2012. There are numerous corruption allegations against him. Investigations by Transparency International Georgia reveal he may be abusing power to get lucrative state contracts: 12 family-associated companies won contracts worth more than 27 million GEL, and subsidies of 528,150 GEL, while company shareholders donated 763,000 GEL to the Georgian Dream. Japaridze has repeatedly failed to fully declare his real estate.

After joining People’s Power, in October 2022, Japaridze purchased 52% shares of PosTV. PosTV is characterized by aggressive pro-government editorial policies, anti-western rhetoric and hate speech against government opponents. Soso Gogashvili, recently detained former deputy head of the State Security Service, described PosTV as one of the units of Security services.

3. Sozar Subari - MP since 2020

Previously: Advisor to the Prime Minister (2018-2020); Minister of Internally Displaced Persons (2013-2018), Minister of Penitentiary (2012-2013), Advisor to the UN Human Rights High Commissioner (2010-2015), Public Defender (2004-2009). A former journalist.

Subari has been accused of corruption by investigative journalists. He has been accused of influence peddling involving a high-ranking church official, concealment of state-subsidized business activity, and running corruption schemes with MP Viktor Japaridze (also a member of People’s Power) related to procurement of food for prisoners and construction services for IDP housing, both during his time as Minister of relevant institutions. Additionally, there are reports of Subari being involved in a drunk driving accident resulting in a death, but facing no punishment.

4. Guram Macharashvili - MP since 2016

Before entering politics Guram Macharashvili worked for Bidzina Ivanishvili's Cartu Bank between 2001 and 2014, his latest position at the bank being deputy head of the Legal Department. In 2014-2016 Macharashvili was the deputy governor of Shida Kartli region.

5. Irakli (Dachi) Beraia - MP since 2016

Prior to his entry into politics, Dachi Beraia worked for Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Cartu Bank between 2008-2016, his latest position there being head of the Centralized Administrative Department. Dodo Gabunia, the mother of Beraia, has held a public office since 2014. Despite her position as Chairman of the Commission in Khobi City Assembly, her company received GEL 54,266 through 82 simplified state procurement contracts between 2012 and 2021. Beraia was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

6. Mikheil Kavelashvili - MP since 2016

Former professional football player (mostly in Swiss but also a couple Russian football clubs) with no previous political experience. Has distinguished himself with aggressive anti-western rhetoric. In contrast to his colleagues, Kavelashvili's educational background is not listed in his biography. In 2019, the Civil Service Bureau detected several violations in Mikheil Kavelashvili's asset declaration.

7. Davit Kacharava - MP since 2020

Former professional rugby player with no previous political experience. In 2013-2020 he played for the Russian rugby club Yenisey-STM.

8. Zaal Mikeladze - MP since 2020

Previously: Minister of Health and Social Affairs of Adjara (2016 - 2020); Ajara Universal Healthcare Program Coordinator (2013 - 2016). Practicing pediatrician prior to 2013.

9. Eka Sepashvili - MP since 2020

Previously: Adviser of the Democracy and Governance Department of the Council of Europe (2020); Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure (2015-2016); Deputy Head of the EU Integration Coordination Service at the State Ministry for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration (2006 - 2013). Associate Professor of International Economy at Tbilisi State University since 2018.