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Summer 2012 Work Card

30 August, 2012

This is Transparency International Georgia’s Summer Work Card on Georgia. It gives a summary assessment of the key areas in the country that are of crucial importance to the development of a transparent, accountable and democratic state. The Work Car

Finances of political parties for the year 2011

20 August, 2012

 August 20, 2012, Tbilisi. Transparency International Georgia published a report on Financing of Political Parties during 2011 within the project Transparent and Accountable Political Finance in Georgia.The report analyzes party revenues and exp

New Instances of Land Seizure in Kobuleti

20 August, 2012

Transparency International Georgia has credible information that agricultural land plots have been seized in the villages of Gvara and Alambari in Kobuleti Municipality. According to some media reports, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Develop

Georgia's Television Landscape

09 August, 2012

TV sector remains dominated by politics ahead of Parliamentary electionsThe government and the opposition both seek to keep a number of TV stations, as well as key intermediary companies that broadcasters need to reach their audience, in their sphere