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Security Officers ("ODRs") - existing malpractice

16 October, 2014

  Transparency International Georgia would once again like to underline a malpractice of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI) concerning the presence of members of the ministry in other state institutions. According to the 2013 Reso

Bank loans of ministers and their deputies

02 October, 2014

  Transparency International Georgia tracks the income, expenditures and property owned by state officials on regular bases. This time, we decided to inform the public about bank loans taken by ministers and their deputies, based on data gather

Patriarchate’s radio station operating beyond the law

01 October, 2014

 Transparency International Georgia periodically studies the ownership and activities of Georgian media outlets. Georgia has more than 60 broadcasters that operate on the bases of licenses or/and authorization awarded by Georgian National Commun