Samegrelo municipalities officials’ undeclared links with business - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Samegrelo municipalities officials’ undeclared links with business

26 January, 2018


Transparency International Georgia regularly publishes information about incomplete asset declarations submitted by officials, which represents a violation of the law and, at the same time, involves the risk of corruption.

This time we would like to present the information about the officials of Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha and Senaki Municipalities who submitted incomplete declarations where they failed to indicate their own and/or their family members’ participation in commercial activities and, in addition, are involved in activities incompatible with their office. Within the framework of the research, we studied 77 declarations and found six incomplete declarations among them.

Zugdidi Municipality

Ruslan Kilasonia, head of Infrastructure Project Management Service of Zugdidi City Hall

In the declaration submitted in September 2017, Ruslan Kilasonia did not indicate that he owns 30 percent of shares of Bokoti, LLCand is also a shareholder in Zugdidi Audit (reg. no 219994567), LLC and Financial Company Kolkha, JSC (reg. no 220364861).


Lasha Jaiani, head of Oversight and Architecture Service of Zugdidi City Hall

In the declaration submitted in January 2017, Lasha Jaiani failed to indicated that he is a shareholder and director of the following companies:

  • Pari 2005, LLC (reg. no 202256673) – director;
  • Ornamenti, LLC – owner of 100 percent of shares and director;
  • Mshenservisi, LLC – owner of 34 percent of shares and director.

The fact that Lasha Jaiani is a director of LLCs simultaneously with holding the post of the Service head is a violation of the law On Conflict of Interest and Corruption in Public Service, according to which an official is not allowed to be a head of an entrepreneurial institution.


Dazmir Dzimtseishvili, chairman of the Conservatives faction in Zugdidi Council

Dazmir Dzimtseishvili submitted his asset declaration in September 2017 in the capacity of the chairman of Zugdidi Community Council’s Commission. He failed to indicate that, at the moment of submitting the declaration, he was the director and owner of 100 percent of shares of Rike-2016, LLC; as of December 2017, the owner of 100 percent of shares and the director of this company wasreplaced by Tamaz Chitaishvili.

Dazmir Dzimtseishvili also failed to declare that he is:

  • Director of Taiguli-98, LLC (reg. no 219984961);
  • Chairman and a member of the board of the agricultural cooperative Rike; his wife, Darejan Vekua, is also a member of the board of this cooperative.


Tsalenjikha Municipality

Temur Ghvinjilia, chairman of Tsalenjikha Municipality Council

In the declaration submitted in September 2017, Temur Ghvinjilia failed to indicate that he owns 30 percent of She-Li, LLC (reg. no 442728274) and 20 percent of Tsalenjikha Sagzao, LLC (reg. no 442728522). Temur Ghvinjilia included this information in thedeclarations submitted in 2014 and 2015.

The companies whose shares Temur Ghvinjilia owns have not won any public procurement contracts after 2012; the information about procurement carried out before that can be found in the study published by our organization in 2015.

Darejan Dadiani, deputy chairwoman of Tsalenjikha Municipality Council

In the declaration submitted in October 2017, Darejan Dadiani failed to mention that her husband Joni Chania owns real estate(cadastre code in the town of Jvari at 8, Kostava Street. Darejan Dadiani also failed to declare that she and her husband own shares in the following companies:

Senaki Municipality

Kakhaber Rusia, chairman of Senaki Municipality Council

Kakhaber Rusia submitted his asset declaration in January 2017, in the capacity of deputy governor of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, where he failed to indicate his and his wife Leila Arziani’s participation in the following companies:

  • Rumo, LLC – Kakhaber Rusia owns 50 percent of shares, his wife Leila Arziani is the director;
  • Rusi, LLC – Kakhaber Rusia owns 100 percent of shares;
  • Senakuri Football Club-2004, LLC (reg. no 239864474) – shareholder;
  • Avtosadguri, LLC – Leila Arziani owns 4 percent of shares.

In 2012, Kakhaber Rusia donated GEL 8,000 to the United National Movement party.

Transparency International Georgia calls on the Public Service Bureau to start monitoring the asset declarations of the persons mentioned in the study based on the presented information. Checking asset declarations of officials is one of the most important tools of combating corruption. This issue has been problematic in Georgia for a long time. Transparency International Georgia welcomes the fact that the Public Service Bureau has recently stepped up its activities with regard to checking asset declarations of officials. Specifically, during 2017, the Bureau gave a negative assessment to asset declarations submitted by 224 officials.

Author: Transparency International Georgia