Senaki Municipality tenders and the Gamgebeli’s interests - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Senaki Municipality tenders and the Gamgebeli’s interests

20 February, 2015


During 2013-2014, the Senaki Municipality Gamgeoba (Government) procured individual works from companies affiliated with the brothers of Senaki Gamgebeli using the simplified procurement procedure – that is, procurement without a full tender process. These companies have been awarded direct contracts with total value of GEL 155,506.

In May and July of 2014, the Senaki Municipality Gamgeoba twice procured repair and installation services from Sen Capital Ltd (ID 439863168) using the simplified procurement process. At the time of the procurement, 50% of Sen Capital was owned by Gamgebeli Gocha Dgebuadze’s brother, Soso Dgebuadze. At present, Soso Dgebuadze owns 100% of Sen Capital’s shares, and is the Director or the company. Sen Capital was set up on only last year, on 8 May 2014. The Senaki Municipality has paid Sen Capital a total of  GEL 56 703.31 for the rendered services.

In 2013, Senaki Municipality signed two contracts with Balavari Ltd (ID 239869282): one in September and the other in November, both through the simplified procurement procedure, to procure repair and installation works for facilities damaged as the result of a natural disaster. Balavari Ltd was paid a total of GEL 98,233 for the rendered services. Balavari Ltd was registered on May 10, 2004, and its director and 80% shareholder at the time of registration was the current Gamgebeli Gocha Dgebuadze’s brother Tamaz Dgebuadze. However, by the time of signing the above contracts with Senaki Municipality, Tamaz Dgebuadze was neither the shareholder of the company nor its head. According to the Public Registry data, he became Balavari director again from 17 February 2014.

The above information does not allow us to conclude whether or not a violation of the law or a corrupt bargain did occur. The simplified procurement procedure used by the Senaki Municipality to procure services from companies related to Gamgebeli Gocha Dgebuadze’s brothers give rise to obvious doubts and questions. The Senaki Municipality needs to provide complete and comprehensive answers to these questions.

Author: TI Georgia