14 January, 2020

CSOs call on the State Inspector to Petition the Prosecutor’s Office to Relinquish Tsurtsumia’s Case to Her Office

 The under-signatory CSOs believe that the January 2, 2020 crime committed against Murad Tsurtsumia, 24 years-old young man, must be investigated by the State Inspector’s Service. Therefore, we call on the State Inspector, to use her authority under the legislation and petition the prosecutor’s office to relinquish the case to her office for further investigation. 

16 December, 2019

Business Activities and Related Violations of Ministers and their Deputies

 As of December 2019, the Government of Georgia has 11 ministers and 53 deputy ministers. By using public databases Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) has studied business activities of these public officials as well as the practice of mandatory disclosure of their business interests. As a result, TI Georgia identified some violations.