Ministries spend more than a million on advertising - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Ministries spend more than a million on advertising

27 July, 2015


From January to May of 2015 Georgian Ministries and their subordinate Legal Entities of Public Law (LEPL) have spent more than GEL 1 million on the production and airing of advertising videos on various TV stations. GEL 199,521 was spent on production and GEL 902,559 on airing.

Transparency International Georgia gathered the information related to ad spending from the ministries as well as the electronic state procurement platform. It should be noted that the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development as well as the Ministry of Justice did not respond to our freedom of information requests.

Most ads produced by ministries and their LEPLs were not aired as free social advertising. In fact, only two of them were aired for free: one about the Hepatitis C Elimination Program prepared by the Ministry of Health, and the other informing the population about newly introduced fines prepared by the Ministry of Environment.

The most expensive advertising campaign was carried out by the Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance. The production of a video informing the public about the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Business Forum cost GEL 43,000, while its airing cost GEL 463,352. LEPL Entrepreneurship Development Agency spent GEL 52,000 to produce two ads for the promotion of its Produce in Georgia program, and another GEL 185,667 for placing them on air. The Ministry of Education spent GEL 8,870 for the production of a video describing the situation in the education sector, and GEL 124,495 on placing it on air.

Funds spent by state agencies on advertising

State Agency

Ad Title / Topic

Ad Production Cost (GEL)

Ad Airing Cost (GEL)

TV Stations

Ministry of Education and Science

Updates in the education sector



Rustavi 2, Imedi

Non-Profit Entity Agricultural Projects Management Agency (Ministry of Agriculture)

Plant the Future



Rustavi 2, Imedi, Regional Broadcasters

LEPL Entrepreneurship Development Agency (Ministry of Economy)

Produce in Georgia (two videos)



Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro

Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance  (Ministry of Finance)

EBRD Business Forum



Imedi, Maestro, GDS, Kavkasia, Rustavi 2; Radios: Imedi, Fortuna, Maestro

Public Services Development Agency (Ministry of Justice)

Introduction of electronic governance in local governments



Rustavi 2, Imedi

Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs

Hepatitis C Elimination Program



Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro, Public Broadcaster, Kavkasia

Ministry of Environment Protection

Informing the public about the fines in the new Waste Management Code (two videos)



Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro, Public Broadcaster, Kavkasia






Most ministries and their subordinate agencies avoided competitive tendering and used the simplified procurement procedure to purchase the services of production and airing of advertisements. The exception was the Ministry of Education, which did announce a tender. Using competitive tenders instead of simplified (direct) procurement contributes to cost reduction.

The funds transferred to large TV stations as payment for government advertising does not constitute a significant portion of their total income. The income received by Rustavi 2, Imedi and Maestro from ministries and their sub-agencies from January to May of 2015 is equivalent to 3%, 6.5% and 10%, respectively, of their total income in Quarter I of 2015.

Income received by TV stations from state advertising

TV Stations

Income (GEL)

Rustavi 2










Regional Broadcasters


Author: TI Georgia