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In Response to State Procurement Agency’s Statement

27 December, 2017

We would like to respond to the criticism of the report on public procurement published by Transparency International Georgia that was expressed by the head of the State Procurement Agency (SPA) at the press conference held on 26 December.1. In its s

How the State Spends Our Money

25 December, 2017

The study of public procurement conducted from 1 January 2015 until 30 June 2017 showed the following main trends:Legal FrameworkMany progressive amendments that can address important problems prevailing in the system have been made to the public pro

Assessment of Public Broadcaster’s Performance

15 December, 2017

The objective of the following report by Transparency International – Georgia is to assess the processes and existing challenges of the Public Broadcaster under its new management.The research found multiple problems:Amendments to the Law on Pu