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The Georgian Electricity Sector in the Years 2010-2022

11 April, 2023

The present study examines the main indicators and trends of the Georgian electricity sector in the years 2010-2022, including the issues of electricity production, consumption, and trade. The study also describes the legal and physical persons invol

Civil Society’s address to the government of Georgia

11 April, 2023

Last month, we, the citizens of Georgia, once again reaffirmed our loyalty to European values and unwavering commitment to the path leading to EU membership. Through widespread public consolidation around EU membership as a national goal, we have sho

Who initiated the Russian Foreign Agents’ Laws

10 March, 2023

The foreign agent’s draft laws were initiated by 9 Members of the parliamentary Majority who call themselves ‘People’s Power’. The group appeared in August 2022 and to this day is registered neither as a separate political par